Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cascade Mountain Winery

My fiance Fred and I took a trip up to the Cascade Mountain Winery for a wine tasting. Let me tell you, this winery in NY was way off the beaten track. It was the perfect Saturday to go for a drive and we try to go to a new winery as often as we can.  After taking a wrong turn and driving on a dirt road for many miles, we turned around and found our way again. The wines were wonderful. It was hard to choose a favorite but we ended up buying two bottles to take with us and then headed off to the Millbrook Winery a few miles away. We had been to this winery once before and so far, it's our absolute favorite! The views are amazing and there is an outdoor eatery overlooking a beautiful pond. Fred loves their olive oil so we bought another bottle and after tasting their wines, we bought another couple of bottles to enjoy at home. I always say you can never have too much wine. When we were leaving, the sunset was spectacular. Oh, I forgot to mention, I knit those cute armwarmers in the car on the way to NY. They are super comfy to wear and I have a pair for sale in one of my Etsy shops Cuddle Me Knits, I can make them in a ton of colors.

We decided we would head into the town of Millbrook for a bite to eat. The nice gal at the winery recommended a French Bistro so we parked the car and decided to look around the town a bit. That's when I spotted it!! The most inviting little glowing shop called "The Pumpkin House." I knew we just had to go inside and look around. As soon as I stepped inside, I knew I was going to be there for a while. It was all painted orange and had an amazing, eclectic variety of items from vintage to modern. It was almost difficult to take it all in, total sensory overload for me.  Each room I walked through was even more inviting than the next. The entire store was like eye candy for me. I was deciding between two scarves when I heard Fred call out, "There's yarn in here." Yarn!!!... did I just hear him correctly....yup, I found my way into an entire room filled with gorgeous Peruvian wools, cottons, and hand knits all around me. I was giddy with excitement. I decided I had to have two beautiful skeins of hand painted thick and thin merino and two skeins of the softest cotton yarn I've ever felt in pink and red. I also purchased a really cool scarf that no one else likes but me but I had to have it, it was calling my name. I wanted the brightly colored one with pinks and salmons but Fred and the store owner talked me out of it. I ended up with the blue one but I still haven't stopped thinking about the pink and salmon one.  I also bought a great vintage 45's record player for Fred's son, Dominick for Christmas. Dominick loves all things vintage so this gift is right up his alley.

I can't wait to show you what I make with my new yarn : )

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