Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I know this blog is just a newborn baby, but I feel the need to tell you a little about my family and blended family to be.   I am divorced and have three children. My oldest son is Casey. He is 27, has a heart of gold and big blue eyes. Love that boy.

Here we are together.
He's wearing the hat I knit him : )

Kelly is my middle girl. She is 26, a sweetheart of a daughter and beautiful. Independent and driven, that about sums it up. Here she is modeling some of my hand knits.

At 15, Sarah is my youngest. She is spoiled, smart and too adorable. She HATES getting her picture taken (unless I pay her) so you won't see many new pictures of Sarah. Here she is modeling some of my handknits.

As I have mentioned before, I am engaged to the greatest guy on Earth.  Here we are together in Vermont posing for my nephew Chris.

Check out Chris's new photography

Anyhow, Fred has two wonderful children of his own. Dominick is the oldest and he is 21. Sensitive and caring and lover of all things vintage.

And then there's Rachele, who is 19, cute as a button, caring and happy, that's Rach!

Acting silly on Thanksgiving

And I can't leave out our beloved pet dog, Midas. He is five years old and a Westhighland Terrier. Midas goes by the nickname, "Mighty Dog" and he is a sweet little white ball of cuteness.

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