Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shipping Day

I've been so busy at my two Etsy shops this holiday season. I've been especially busy at my "Cuddle Me Knits" shop which is a brand new shop I started in August of 2011. My biggest seller is boot cuffs. I had no idea these would take off like they have but obviously there is a need for boot cuffs out there!

I make them in all different colors and they are used as a buffer between the top of your boot and your calf. They look really cute with leggings and a long sweater or a skirt with tights. They measure about 6-7" long and since they are knit with a chunky rib stitch, they stretch nicely to fit almost all calf sizes.  I sell them for $18 plus shipping.

Before I ship my handmade goodies to my customers, I iron on labels to each item. I think it looks really professional and helps remind my customers where they purchased the item. It's also great for when a customer buys an item for somebody else who would otherwise have no idea where that item was purchased. I highly recommend this. My labels just have my shop name and website address on them. You can buy the iron on type or the sew in labels. They are both great. This is where I buy mine but there are many other places to choose from if you do a search.

boot cuffs ready to be shipped

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